Enjoy the catering service in Domaine EcÔtelia

Round menu

Our selection of packed lunches

In order to fully experience your stay at Domaine EcÔtelia in symbiosis with nature, we have designed for you an offer of Meal Baskets, allowing you to eat on site, to enjoy your unusual accommodation, tree house, caravan, yurt, try ... and to perpetuate these moments out of time.


We offer Meal Baskets only on minimum order 24 hours before and others available immediately, without the need to order in advance. You can contact the reception or the bar area "L’Escale" during opening hours. We can also deliver the baskets directly
to your unusual lodge.


Focus on our suppliers

In order to allow you to benefit from the best products and to have menu proposals that correspond to our values, we have selected for you local quality products and handcrafted:

  • Our Vegetable Spreads: Domaine Terra, a local gourmet cannery.
  • Whole Duck Foie Gras from the Southwest: Lamigeon - Bazas Cannery.
  • Sliced ​​smoked duck breast: Lamigeon cannery - Bazas
  • Duck Rillettes or Country Pate: Lamigeon Canning - Bazas
  • Country pâté with Sauternes wine: Lamigeon cannery - Bazas
  • Toasts and Biscuits: La Chanteracoise - Biscuiterie Artisanale Périgourdine
  • The Chips: The French Chips - artisanal Picard production
  • The Fruit Compote: Lucien Georgelin - Marmande (47)
  • Goat cheese: local producer of goat cheeses
  • Local Organic Beer “Moustous” 33cl
  • Gaspacho: artisanal, local and organic production: Karine and Jeff
  • Organic smoothies and fruit juice: Mullion




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