Discover the exceptional sites in Gironde near the Ecotelia Estate

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Discover the exceptional sites of Bordeaux and its region


A stay at EcÔtelia is an opportunity to discover exceptional, unmissable and splendid sites.


The region offers varied landscapes: between the coast, the mountains and the countryside, come and explore a whole territory of adventure and nature. We suggest that you come and stay in the Bazadais and explore exceptional places.


You can in particular go to the Arcachon Basin, then go up to the Dune du Pilat or even venture on the vineyard lands of Saint Emilion.


Take advantage of an unusual stay in a tree house to visit our beautiful region and its many exceptional sites.


The Arcachon Basin

For a stay in Aquitaine, the Arcachon Bay is an essential destination to admire the coastline. You will find different typical landscapes.


The Cap Ferret peninsula in particular is a place where the impression of infinity and nature is particularly present. You can also contemplate the tchanquées huts of the Basin, a true symbol of this destination.


You will find many oyster farmers, who will offer you a tasting of the oysters from their coast, very well known.


The Arcachon Basin is also an opportunity to discover typical architecture, but also to enjoy a sunbath on the beach. You will have plenty of time to swim or do water activities, such as surfing.


During your stay in one of our tree houses at Domaine EcÔtelia, take the time to visit the Aquitaine coast and all its riches, to discover all the facets of our vast territory of nature.


The Dune of Pilat

The Pilat Dune is the largest dune in Europe, reaching a height of around 104 meters. It is one of the essentials of the region and represents a real pride for the many inhabitants of the surroundings.

If you wish to visit the Arcachon Bay, we strongly advise you to stop to gain height by climbing this dune.


At the top awaits you the typical landscape of the Aquitaine coast, an endless beach of fine sand and a fiery ocean, a favorite territory for all surfers.


The Silver Coast awaits your pupils for an unforgettable memory.


Just over an hour from the long sandy beaches, your tree house at Domaine EcÔtelia awaits you to enjoy an unusual experience in the heart of the Gironde nature, inland. You can then enjoy the feeling of being perched in the middle of nature, after the wonder of the landscapes of the Aquitaine coast.


Between ocean and forest, your day will have been the opportunity to discover the variety of the regional territory ... all in height!



If you stay in one of our unusual accommodation in Aquitaine, do not miss one of the flagship cities of the Girondin territory: Saint-Emilion. Known for its wine of excellence, it also has a rich historical heritage. If you do not know Saint-Emilion, we suggest that you explore this exceptional site during your stay in South Gironde.


History & traditions

Saint-Emilion is a historic town perched on a rocky promontory. This rock is moreover at the origin of the particularity of the grape varieties of the territory, offering a rich soil for the vines.


The city is first a city, where the monk Emilion, famous for his many miracles, decides to settle in the 8th century, after leaving Brittany. He founded a religious community there which will develop the site into a large monastic city. Convent,

churches or monasteries have been built over the years, with the arrival of several religious communities followers of the cult of Emilion.


The city evolves over time with the construction of religious buildings, wine castles, mansions, washhouses, cellars, windmills ... Limestone also attracts for construction and many quarries exploit this stone for construction.

One can thus observe monuments in Saint-Emilion which were built with limestone rock.


The architecture of the city is made up of 8 boroughs, which form the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1999, as a "Cultural Landscape", with the first classified vineyard in the world.


The gastronomy is inspired by the local heritage, with the strong importance of wine which makes the particularity of the cuisine of the territory. Michelin-starred tables have also been set up in Grand Saint-Emilionnais and offer typical or reworked dishes, always in line with traditional cuisine and the desire to pay homage to the exceptional wines of the region.


An exceptional wine-growing region


The Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion is the first vineyard to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as cultural landscapes.


The terroir brings together all the land in the region, which gives this particularity to wines. Indeed, the territory is composed of several important and very interesting elements for viticulture: a variety of soils (limestone, clay-limestone, sandy, gravelly), a temperate continental microclimate and a relief with fairly gentle slopes which favors exhibition of all the vines.


During your unusual stay at Domaine EcÔtelia, do not miss a visit to Saint-Emilion, an emblematic and historic city. Take advantage of a break to visit a winemaker, who will introduce you to all the nuances of exceptional wines from this rich and
exceptional territory.

Bordeaux, a city listed as World Heritage by UNESCO

Bordeaux, just 50 km from Domaine EcÔtelia, represents the capital of New Aquitaine.


During a stay at Domaine EcÔtelia, we invite you to discover this great city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


You can stroll along the quays, which display classic and neoclassical architecture. You will also have the opportunity to do some shopping at the Quai des Marques or to discover the Miroir d'eau, which has become a real attraction in Bordeaux.


Many monuments and places are to be seen, in order to realize the scope and beauty of this city, including the Grand Theater, the Quinconces esplanade, Place de la Bourse or even the Saint-Pierre district and its medieval air. The Saint André Cathedral and the Pey-Berland tower are unmissable monuments, placed at the crossroads of the Tramway, sheltered from road traffic.


For those who wish, Greeters offer to show you around their city, so that your discovery is even more alive.


Before leaving, do not forget to visit the City of Civilizations and Wine, to learn even more about the Girondin territory and its riches.


To complete your wine-tasting stay, we invite you to come for one night in one of our themed wine huts: the Oenolodge with spa to relax, or the Wine Caravan, to bring a real touch of unusual to your stay in Aquitaine.


Cap Ferret

The EcÔtelia Estate is located around an hour and a half's drive from Cap Ferret, an exceptional place which will allow you to enjoy the coast and its enchanting landscapes.


From your unusual accommodation, discover our Girondin territory and its many facets, to leave with beautiful memories of Aquitaine.


We suggest you head towards Cap Ferret, the cape which separates the Arcachon basin from the Ocean. This peninsula welcomes you to enjoy the Aquitaine coast and its fine sandy beaches. You can also practice several activities such as cycling, sailing, canoeing, swimming or strolling on several sites.


L'Ile aux Oiseaux, in the middle of the basin, is a must-see in Cap Ferret. This is where you will find the emblematic tchanquées huts of the Arcachon basin.


The Cap Ferret lighthouse invites you to discover the island from an exceptional panoramic view.


During your unusual stay at the Domaine EcÔtelia, take the time to contemplate the landscape of the Aquitaine coast, for a holiday marked by relaxation and nature.




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