Discover our unusual lodgings for a family stay in Gironde, in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Heritage themed stay

Lodging : Tree Castle

Our Tree Castle invites you to dive into our local historical heritage. In fact, EcÔtelia was inspired by Clémentins castles of the region and therefore build an original family Tree House. For an unusual stay in the heart of the Gironde's heritage, we recommend sleeping in one of our Tree Castles which will perfectly complement your discovery of the local heritage. It's a lodging with all the comfort, appreciated both by lovers and families. Its turret gives a charming twist and is a reference to the different fortified castles and their majestic towers.


On site


Our bar L'Escale, invites you to discover the local products. Thus, your discovery of the heritage will also be the opportunity to taste new flavours. We offer, for example, the "Moustous" organic craft beer, produced a few kilometers away from the estate. You will also be able to discover our organic drinks such as smoothies and iced tea.


Local accomodation

During your stay in EcÔtelia, we invite you to take a walk and discover the different unusual lodgings and in particular habitats reflecting our region. The Tree House "Palombière" is a reference to a regional tradition. As for the Wine Caravan and the Wine Lodge, they are a real nod to the vineyards close to the estate.




Visiting the clémentins fortified castles

For a stay focused on heritage in Domaine EcÔtelia, we advise you to visit the clémentins fortified castles situated nearby. Le château de Roquetaillade, 3 kms away from the estate, will surprise you with its impressive size. It is still inhabited and tours are possible. You will be able to learn about its story but also the one of the region as all the clementins castles were built under the orders of Pope Clément V, a local child. Le château de Cazeneuve, about 17 kms away from EcÔtelia, offers beautiful landscapes. In fact, a wonderful park classified as "Natura 2000" zone extends next to the fortified castle. The castle is still inhabited by the descendants, and do tours all year round. Its style is very different from the château de Roquetaillade, even though it is also a clementin castle.


Bazas Cathedral

The Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral, on the major place of Bazas, is classified as UNESCO World Heritage. It is also a step on the route of Santiago de Compostela. We invite you to discover Bazas and its cathedral, true jewel which has known numerous changings over the centuries, particularly because of its history's torments. 

You will have the chance to eat in one of the restaurants on the cathedral place and take a walk on the Brèche Promenade path which circumvents the cathedral and gives you anoter view of this beautiful edifice.


Saint Macaire medieval village

Ancient successful medieval city along the Garonne river, Saint-Macaire takes you on a time travel for a trip in the Middle Ages. Despite the constant evolution and numerous changings, Saint-Macare still has beautiful buildings such as the priory where you can still find traces of a benedectine monastery. The place of Mercadiou ("market" in gascon) is the must-see of this old city.


Heritage guided tour

Bazas' Tourist Office offers you a guided tour through Saint Macaire and Verdelais. You will therefore be able to learn more about this historical villages, their evolution and the traces of the past.


La Réole

The medieval city of La Réole, listed in the Sites et Cités remarquables de France, is an inevitable place during your stay focused on heritage.


Ecôtelia's advices

Famous figures of the region

Close to the Estate, you will be able to discover famous characters who lived in the region. We invite you to visit their former homes to complement your stay focused on heritage in South Gironde. Le Domaine de Malagar in Saint Maixant was the house of the french writer François Mauriac. To discover the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, we recommend to go to the château de Malromé where he lived. As for the Château de la Brède, it was the residence of Montesquieu.


Fat beef party

The fat beef party is an inevitable annual event in the Bazas area. It's a popular day where farmers present their most beautiful animals. They are weighed and then parade on the cathedral place. It is a local party which attracts many visitors and represents our regional traditions. If you stay in Domaine EcÔtelia on this occasion, we advise you to go in order to see the local folklore and therefore discover our full heritage.




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