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Gift voucher for a Glamping lodging in Aquitaine

Choose the unusual accommodation for your gift voucher


To book your gift voucher, it is very simple : you only have to choose what you like the most and we take care of the rest.


Here are the instructions to book a gift voucher in our natural estate near Bordeaux :

  • Select the type of unusual lodging you would like to offer
  • Add the options that you wish to offer (apéritif, romantic decoration...)
  • Enter your details and the ones of the gift voucher's beneficiary
  • Receive your gift voucher by e-mail immediately


Do you want to offer a unique moment to your dearest ? To give them the best possible experience in Gironde/Aquitaine ? The ideal solution : a gift voucher for an unusual lodging.


It gives you the opportunity to offer a stay on our estate, in the lodging that suits you the best : Trapper's Cabin with spa, Gypsy Caravan, Pod, Tent, Wine Lodge, Tree House "Palombière", Tree Castle, Perched Temple... Don't wait any longer : our Glamping site is the guarantee of an authentic stay, as close to nature as possible !



Please note : our gift vouchers are valid one year from date of issue, and all our boxes include breakfast.

You need more information ? Advices to offer a stay at EcÔtelia in the heart of Aquitaine ? We are here to help you.


News 2019 : If you decide to receive your gift voucher by post, it will include a beautiful gift card and its envelope, both printed on wood, ready to be offered. A wonderful gift under the Christmas tree.




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