Enjoy an unusual stay with massage and well-being in Gironde, at Domaine Ecotelia

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Enhance your stay with a wellness massage!


During your glamping stay in Domaine EcÔtelia, why not treat yourself to an extra wellness parenthesis ? We have you covered, by offering a particularly relaxing massage service.


Our masseuse partners offer to take care of you during your stay in a tree house and unusual accommodation.


What they have in common : their fairy fingers to plunge you into an absolute relaxation and allow your spirit to travel through the continent of your choice.


Their particularity : their technical ability allows their treatments to be adapted to the specific needs of every visitor.


Massages available by reservation 48h before your arrival



Ayurvedic Massage

Derived from traditional Indian medicine, the ayurvedic massage aspires to maintain your body as well as your spirit. Each session will provide many benefits :

  • Well-being & relaxation
  • Improvement of your blood flow
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Muscles relaxation
  • Strengthening immune function...

Massages are individual. For a couple, it is possible to book a one-hour massage and then a second one right after for the second person (but no duo massage).

One-hour massage rate : 85 €


Chinese Energy Massage

This massage operates on the "Qi" energy flow and on blood. This technique works on the energy imbalances in order to release blockages, stimulate the organism's defences, and to prevent diseases. The Chinese Energy Massage suits current needs. It is often performed with massage oil. Upon request, it can be performed on a fully dressed person (please bring suitable clothing). 


Massages are individual. For a couple, it is possible to book a 1-hour massage and then another 1-hour massage right after for the 2nd person (but no duo massages). 


Price for a 1-hour massage : 75 €
Price for a 1h30 massage : 105€



Thai Massage

Massage entirely with oil. A massage of every part of your body is performed successively. It is composed of smoothing, stretching and percussions.


Price for a 1h massage : 85 €










Californian Massage


Massage created in California, combining swedish methods with Esalen ones, it is characterized by long fluid and harmonious motions, that wraps your body.  The Californian Massage is a relaxing massage, created to unify the body and mind, while soothing the spirit and relaxing the muscles. It allows to relieve tensions but also to recover self confidence. 


Price for 1h massage : 70 €
Price for 1h30 massage : 95€






Balinese Massage

This massage combines different methods both sweet and tonic, relaxing and energizing.


Price for 1h massage : 85 €








Pre-natal Massage

Massage performed between the 3rd and 7th month of pregnancy. It's a technic that focus on the needs of the future mom when changes occur in her body. This massage improves the blood flow and relieve physical and mental fatigue.  


Price for a 1h massage : 85 €








Invigorating Exfoliation Body Massage


A treatment with salts, invigorating for the body, in order to renew your energy, and give you tonicity and vitality. Rediscover the pleasure of a silky and soft skin.


Price for a 30mns exfoliation : 50 €




A comfortable massage room

 Spice up your unusual weekend with a timeless moment in our comfortable massage room:

  • large massage table
  • heated room
  • zen decoration
  • shower available
  • sheets and towels changed between each client




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