Take a break in a Perched Temple with Spa in Gironde in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Perched Temple with Spa

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Low seasonprices 235 € / night

High season
prices 260 € / night

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  • Unusual stay in Gironde : Perched Temple with Spa

    If you like traditional habitats from Asia and its traditions, know that our Estate has in store your custom-made Glamping stay : The Perched Temple with Spa


    This huge wooden cabin contrast by the beauty of its architecture. Majestic, it is built on piles and ensures a perfect comfort, day and night. To make your trip in Gironde an unforgettable one, it also has a Nordic bath (big wooden barrel with heated water, like a large hot bath in the wilderness) installed on the covered terrace. Intensive well-being moments await you !

    History of the Perched Temple with Spa


    Originally from South-East & East of Asia, temples are one of the iconic architectural elements of the Asian continent. Place of worship, associated most of the time with Buddhism, they come in all shapes and sizes. Chinese traditional architecture characterized by wooden structures and natural material in order to let men get into harmony with nature. It has a sloped roof with raising corners to make it look like a floating crown.


    This style has existed since the Tang dynasty in the 9th century. The imperial law prohibited high constructions as nobody could be higher than the emperor, apart from a god, meaning a temple or a pagoda.

    In Domaine EcÔtelia, we were inspired by the Pagoda's architectural shape and updated it to the EcÔtelia's DNA : a Perched Temple at 4 meters from the ground just like a Tree House, with its Nordic Bath on the terrace and a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest. The aim is to build a unique creation and fully integrate it to its local environment and to the ecological process of EcÔtelia.

    Totally custom-built, this wooden Perched Temple, unique in France, was made by the "Compagnons du Devoir" passionate carpenters. Complemented by its japanese garden, and beautiful Asian-style furniture, you will enjoy high-end services (wine cellar, Nordic bath), while living an outside of time parenthesis !

    With a capacity of 6 people, the Perched Temple has a parent bedroom, a bathroom and a large living-room with a bunk bed and a sofa bed. Its covered terrace opens onto the surrounding nature so that you can fully enjoy the fresh air of Gironde, in all seasons.

  • Insulated and heated treehouse, available all year round

    Cabin area: 30m²

    Terrace area: 20m²


    Master bedroom upstairs:

    • 1 double bed 160x200


    Sleeping area:

    • 2 bunk beds in an alcove in 90x200
    • 1 convertible sofa for sleeping 2 places in 140x200

    Shower room with shower, new generation dry toilets, heated towel rail

    Nordic bath on the terrace, preheated to 34 ° C in summer and 37 ° C in winter (possibility of making a fire to increase the water temperature)

    Wooden garden furniture, with Chileans from spring



    Practical equipment:

    • Storage cupboards
    • Kettle





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