Treat yourself to a romantic stay in an unusual lodging in Gironde, in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Romantic stay in an unusual lodging

Come and enjoy a glamping stay in EcÔtelia, to share an unforgettable moment with your loved one. To celebrate your love, we offer your several options to personalize your lovers getaway. This is the perfect opportunity to surprise your better-half and show her/him your love with a very particular attention.


Romantic decoration

You want to please your partner in a sweet way ? We invite you to complement your weekend with the romantic option for a warm and cocooning interior. We will prepare your special decoration with rose petals and candles. We will light them at the last moment before your arrival, for the surprise to be perfect. Enjoy a unique and original relaxing moment just the two of you, with a romantic decoration to give character to your lovers weekend.


Price : 22€ by reservation


Romantic luxury option

You want to pull out all the stops to make your loved one happy ?

We recommend the romantic luxury option, because a lovers weekend getaway is the opportunity to "indulge ourselves" and see things on a large scale. This option includes the romantic decoration : we arrange rose petals in the lodging with candles that we'll light at your arrival. The little extra is the delivery of a bottle of champagne to celebrate your love as it must ! Relax together for a romantic glamping stay in the wilderness.


Price : 56€ by reservation



To provide a very particular attention to your lover, think about the massage...

We offer individual massage sessions, for a complete relaxation and a romantic weekend focused on well-being.
Romantic stay - Romantic decoration



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