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Our sustainable development commitments

Glamping site celebrating cultures of the whole wide world, EcÔtelia has logically set up various actions in order to optimize sustainable development & the preservation of natural resources.

Here are some examples of initiatives that ensure an authentical & ecological stay in our Tree Houses and unusual lodgings, near Bordeaux in Aquitaine.



swimming-pool in Domaine EcÔtelia Glamping site la piscine au Domaine EcÔtelia hébergement insolite

Preservation of the natural area

We hold dear Le Nizan natural area. The vast meadow bordered by a dense forest represents a real wealth of plants. Therefore we make a point of preserving this landscape.

  • Facilities & accomodations are all removable and built without foundation, except the collective building. Their impact on the area is limited.
  • Vehicles take the access road to a unique parking lot and never drive within the Estate. Residents are able to enjoy the lowest possible noise level.
  • Planting indigenous species contributes to the landscape integration.
  • The Estate's swimming-pool is completely natural : plants are an efficient substitute to chlorine and its different adjuvants.  


Local products in Domaine EcÔtelia unusual lodgings

Giving priority to local products & services

Since its creation, Domaine EcÔtelia has always ensured that they gave priority to the local level. 

  • uring its construction phase, the Estate recoursed to Gironde/Aquitaine enterprises first and foremost and built, as far as possible, its infrastructures with local materials.
  • Our clients enjoy local & organic products for breakfast and food service, thanks to our partnerships with Aquitaine producers.
  • EcÔtelia also develops partnerships with local providers, and gives priority to hiring local staff. 
entry sign in Domaine EcÔtelia glamping site

Educating customers to eco-friendly gestures

Various actions are organised in order to raise our customers awarness towards sustainable development good practices :

  • We propose thematic ecological events (fauna, flora...) so as to pass on messages on the environmental protection.
  • Waste management is a crucial approach to preserve our environment. Different signs and a welcome booklet are made available for our residents. 
Community spaces in Domaine EcÔtelia glamping site

Eco-friendly daily approach

Ecotourism goes hand in hand with ecology. In Domaine EcÔtelia, environmental protection is based on daily routines

  • A strong waste management is applied throughout the Estate through the waste sorting, recycling, and composting.
  • Water & energy waste is limited thanks to water saving devices, dry toilets, and energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • We favour eco-labelled cleaning products & disinfectants and we do not use any chemical or phytosanitary products for the outside maintenance.
natural pool in Domaine EcÔtelia glamping site

Sanitation system with reed filters

Still in an environmental approach, we decided to set up a sanitation system operating by reed filters. It is the most natural waste water treatment facility system possible. It gives back to nature an excellent quality water. No mechanical intervention is required : plants and layers of materials found in the filters do all the work.  

ecolabel in Domaine EcÔtelia glamping site

Owner of the European Eco-Label

Our commitment to ecology & the Gironde/Aquitaine's nature preservation enabled us to earn the European Eco-Label for our tourism accomodation services.
This recognition rewards the efforts made by sites to reduce their impact on the environment.
Among the criterias taken into account, are the reduction of water & energy consumption, the use of renewable energy, of waste sorting, of eco-friendly cleaning products...




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