Sleep in a Safari Lodge, Glamping lodging in Gironde in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Safari Lodge

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Low seasonprices 100 € / night

High season
prices 115 € / night

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  • Safari Lodge – Glamping accomodation in Gironde / Aquitaine


    Head to the Oceania's wide spaces with this beautiful lodging built on piles, topped by a large canvas. Called "Safari Lodge", it was originally settled in water and used to fish.


    In our Estate, in Gironde near Bordeaux, we offer you a modern comfort, with a bathroom, electricity and dailylife equipment. A good reason to enjoy a very delightful unusual stay, and take full advantage of the charm of this Glamping lodging built on piles.

    History of the Safari Lodge


    The Safari Lodge represents adventure in its pure form. It's an essential Glamping lodging.


    Ecolodge used to welcome tourists in the middle of nature in an exotic setting, it offers a great comfort. Perched on 1.2-meter high piles and including its dip net, it symbolizes the numerous fishing sheds found in Oceania's islands. The piles allowed people not to found themselves in the water in case of high waves.


    The dip net is a few meter square net stretched over a plane frame and lowered down horizontally with a winch, from a pontoon that goes into the sea and on which is generally built a shelter, or even a little house as it occurs in the Gironde estuary.





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