Enjoy an unusual stay with massage and well-being in Gironde, at Domaine Ecotelia

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The 5 Senses By EcÔtelia



During your world tour in the Estate, open the door of our Spa - Wellness Area and treat yourself to a relaxing parenthesis that will please your body and delight your spirit. You will be able to enjoy the following facilities :






Traditional method coming from the nordic countries, "Sauna" means "sweat" in finnish. Our sauna, wooden cabin, located outside, will absorb you in a dry heat produced by volcanic rocks placed in a stove.



Your body will enter a room where the temperature approaches 85°C and then will resfresh under a cold shower in order to draw many benefits :

  • Stress reduction and improvement in sleep habits
  • Release of toxins
  • Relief of muscle and joint pains
  • Maintaining a good cardiovascular function and improvement of immune defences


We advise you to do 2 sessions of 15 minutes alternating between hot and cold every time, in order to boost the effectiveness of theses actions on your body. Our bucket of iced water awaits the most courageous of you !  





Ancestral oriental tradition that means "hot water" in arabic, the hammam has become a true beauty routine in Maghreb. Located inside a Zen space, this very wet steam bath will plunge you into a relaxing atmosphere thanks to its wet and comforting heat, its soothing lights, and its oxygenating eucalyptus steam.

The experience involves immerging your body in a temperature approaching 50°C and then refreshing it under a cold shower in order to draw many benefits:

  • Stress reduction thanks to the liberation of body and mind simultaneously
  • Improvement of the skin's firmness.The scrub helps to obtain best results 
  • Loosening of all the body's tensions and relief of joint pains
  • Respiratory tracts's decongestion thanks to the eucalyptus' steam

We advise you to do 2 sessions of 15 minutes alternating rest and cold shower. Deck chairs are at your disposal to relax and boost the effectiveness of the benefits on your body. 









Our wellness area offers a solarium facing south in order to relax before, during or after your different experiences. Our facilities will allow you to spend a delightful outdoor moment, to take the time to gather with your loved ones, or to close your eyes to channel your mind during this wellness parenthesis.












Tea room







A tea room is at your disposal to relax during your rest phases. A selection of tea is at your disposal to rehydrate after your body treatments. It's the ideal place to focus on yourself, take the time to listen to your own voice before setting off, revitalized, for further adventure.











Prices and conditions :

- Open every day from :
10:00 am – 6:30 pm (winter season)
10:00 am – 7:00 pm (summer season)

- By reservation only for a 1h30 duration

Price = 25€ per person (1h30)

- Access is limited to 6 people per time slot

- Not accessible for people under 18 years old, pregnant women and people with health problems.

- For groups : possibilty to book the entire space : get information at the reception 



05 56 65 35 38