Dream of travelling in a Gypsy Caravan in Gironde without leaving Domaine EcÔtelia

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Gypsy Caravan

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Low seasonprices 110 € / night

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prices 129 € / night

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  • Gypsy Caravan - Unusual lodging near Bordeaux


    Step back in time and go back to the natural lifestyle of the nomadic people, during an unusual stay in Gironde in a Gypsy Caravan !


    A few kilometers away from Bordeaux in Aquitaine, this glamping lodging is equipped with all the necessary comfort amenities for a quality stay, with family or friends. Located in the heart of our natural estate, the Gypsy Caravan takes you into the bohemian life, in direct contact with nature. A treat for young and old !

    History of the Gypsy Caravan

    Caravans have a singular story. They are nomadic as well as the people that used them as a house during centuries. Circus, basketmakers, gypsies, fairground workers, nomadic caravans are closely linked to the gypsies life. They left North India at the 5th century and never stopped travelling with trucks as their main residence.


    In the 19th century was created the true wooden caravan, called "verdine", known as a real home on wheels. Access is by an airstair door. It has windows, panes and a chimney. The wealth of their owners is indicated by its exterior appearance : carved wooden ornaments, shimmering colors and copper make them rolling little palaces. The renowned alcove bed stands inside. Depending on the European countries, we find different kinds of caravans. Even if they gradually disappeared from our back roads, EcÔtelia decided to recreate the nomadic spirit through a beautiful wooden model, a one-off piece built with the Gypsy know-how.


    Another original alternative for a glamping stay, the Gypsy Caravan is therefore the unusual lodging of bohemian visitors.

    In an enchanting setting, it's a trip to the land of travel and imagination.






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