Take a break in a Tree House "Palombière" in Gironde in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Tree House "Palombière"

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Low seasonprices 155 € / night

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prices 170 € / night

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  • Tree House "Palombière" in Gironde


    Rise up during your Glamping stay in Gironde ! We offer you to fall for a 100% traditional Tree House.


    The Tree House "Palombière" has in fact been used for quite a long time, in the Bordeaux area, in Aquitaine and elsewhere. Originally dedicated to hunting, this Tree House turns into a comfortable Glamping lodging in our Estate. Moreover, it has an ideal point of view to observe birds and animals of the forest !  


    History of the Tree House "Palombière"

    The Tree House "Palombière", traditional hut for wood pigeon hunting, comes from the South West of France. Every year, during the fall, wood pigeons migrate from nordic countries to the Iberian Peninsula. The principle of this hunting is to attract bird flights thanks to "the callers"(wood pigeon or domestic pigeon) in order to have them come up to a close tree and then catch them in a net. These facilities are generally located in the pine-dominant woods. Wood pigeon hunting takes place during 6 weeks. Access to the Tree House "Palombière" is restricted to the insiders.

    With a perch allowing to rise up until the surrounding forest canopy, this Tree House "Palombière" will be a thrill for young and old ! With two levels, its capacity of 5 people makes it the ultimate family lodging. Couples and hunting lovers are not left out with a Tree House "Palombière", a nod to the Gironde traditions.


    Why a Tree House "Palombière" ?

    A Tree House is fine, but it's even better if it makes sense ! This is why we decided to create perched houses in the shape of Palombières to make a connection with local traditions from Bazas, territory in which Domaine EcÔtelia is located. The idea is to have authentic houses perfectly fitted in the environment and that allows an open-up to Gironde & Landes' traditions. The Palombière is a wood pigeon hunting hut, migratory bird that fly over South West of France every fall, migrating from nordic countries to the Iberian Peninsula.


    Traditionally comfortable, we chose to have tree houses with a similar comfort as conventional houses as we shall now see.


    The Palombière tree house at Domaine EcÔtelia

    Our cabins in the Palombières trees are perched on stilts 8 meters high in the middle of the trees. Their perches on the terrace, culminating at 11 meters from the ground, allow you to gain height and find yourself at the canopy of the surrounding trees.


    La Palombière is an ecological perched hut isolated in wood wool and made of Dordogne Douglas fir with a larch shingle roof. Windows carved in the shape of a wood pigeon or squirrels will make your children dream. Insulated but also heated,
    our Palombière tree house also has water and electricity and will offer you all the comfort you need for a night perched in the trees.


    Our perched huts also have a bathroom with shower and sink as well as WC (new generation dry toilet, without sawdust and identical to conventional toilets).


    Regarding the beds, a double bed 140x200 with hotel mattress and a good duvet await you in the living room as well as 3 single beds 90x200 on the mezzanine accessible by a wooden ladder.


    In summary, our comfortable Palombière treehouses will allow you to have a pleasant stay with your loved one or with your family, while setting off to discover unusual original accommodation.

  • Insulated and heated treehouse, available all year round

    Cabin area: 25m²
    Terrace area: 20m² + 5m² perch



    • 1 double bed 140x200
    • 3 single beds on the mezzanine in 90x200

    Shower room with heated towel rail

    New generation dry toilets (separate)

    Wooden garden furniture with Chileans on the perch in the spring


    Practical equipment:

    • Kettle






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