A Glamping concept of lodgings from all around the world near Bordeaux, in Gironde

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Travel the world of unusual lodgings near Bordeaux !

 You want to take advantage of both numerous benefits of Aquitaine and the change of scenery offered by cultures across the world ? Then you will find everything you need in our unique Estate.


Located near Bordeaux in Gironde, we offer immersion stays in traditional habitats: Caidal Tents, Yurts, Gypsy Caravans, Tree Houses "Palombière", Tree Houses, Temples, Pods...

Aerial view drone Domaine EcÔtelia Glamping Site

A world tour of unusual lodgings

Expert in glamping and unusual stays, Domaine EcÔtelia has a clearly defined goal since its creation : offering to each visitor a unique holiday experience. The innovative aspect of our offer comes from the very origin of its concept : EcÔtelia gives you the opportunity to embark on a worldtour without leaving Aquitaine ! 

At the heart of the Estate, 23 lodgings from all around the world are staged forming the five continents. Each world represents a delicious journey across the continent of origin. Complete change of scenery guaranteed, in the quiet of a protected and 100% natural site.

hébergement insolite POD Domaine EcÔtelia hébergement insolite

Opt for an authentic & ecological lifestyle

By immersing yourself in a continent's history or traditional habitats, you will enjoy an authentic stay, and also fun and entertaining moments for young and old. Who doesn't feel the thrill of the unknown during a delicious night on top of a tree or in the middle of a meadow ?

And since tradition & culture sharing is the wealth of our planet, EcÔtelia chose to think and live "Ecology" through a global dimension. Our Estate is therefore part of a daily sustainable development process and environmental friendly approach.
EcÔtelia, the Glamping site both here and abroad in Aquitaine...



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