Practice sports activities in Gironde during your unusual stay in Domaine EcÔtelia

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Sports and leisure activites


Departing from EcÔtelia, days can be very busy.

Many sports activities are available resulting in a relaxing feeling at the end of the day.



Cycling tourism

The Bazas region abounds with bicycle paths and routes. From the Estate, you can reach the Green Way of Bazas-Mios. This bicycle path passes through several villages close to the Estate and allows you to discover the local heritage while enjoying the surrounding nature.


Therefore, you can stop for a swimming time in the Hostens lakes or in Villandraut for a tour of the fortified castle's ruins. During your glamping stay in Domaine EcÔtelia, a bike ride will give you the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature. In Bazas, you will be able to continue on the Véloroute that leads to the Garonne river. We suggest you to ride along the Garonne Canal where the greenway is very lovely.


Domaine EcÔtelia, in South Gironde is an invitation to discover the traditional and unusual habitats from all around the world. It is also a place situated in a green environment close to numerous sites of interest. This is why we offer you, thanks to our local bike rental partner, to deliver bikes directly on site to your lodging in order to allow you to fully enjoy your holidays.




If you want to take full advantage of nature, during your stay in one of our lodgings, you will be able to discover the natural resources and heritage of our region on the pedestrian paths. Hiking maps are available at the Bazas' Tourist Office or upon request at the reception. For hiking lovers, you will be able to take the Voie de Vézelay trail, on the route of Santiago de Compostela.

Horse riding

Equestrian centres are located near the Estate. You will find differents services, according to everyone's needs. A horse ride in the forest could be delightful or even improvement lessons in a natural and new setting.


Horse riding clubs also offer initiation programs for kids. Each one can therefore enjoy his unusual stay at their own pace. For more information, we recommend to get information directly from the equestrian centers, in order to learn about their different services and availabilities.


Canoe – Kayak

Domaine EcÔtelia is located near the Ciron river. It invites you to experience the canoe-kayak activity. This refreshing and playful activity can be practised with family or friends.


During your glamping stay in Domaine EcÔtelia, make sure to try this experience for even more sensations. Canoe clubs welcome you to present their passion, but also our territory, its biodiversity, and its natural resources.


The accrobranche (Climbing Tree Adventure)

Accrobranche parks are located close to the Estate (between 7 and 15 kms away). This outdoor activity is the unique chance to share precious moments with your family or friends.


You will discover wonderful landscape and the surrounding nature will allow you to relax, for every moment of your glamping stay to be pleasant and unforgettable. And if you want to stay high, we recommend an original night in one of our Tree Houses !


Holidays mean leisure activities.

Our region abounds of them. Here are some examples.

Hostens lakes

In Hostens, in Gironde, five lakes are reunited to form the Lakes of Hostens Estate (Domaine Départemental Gerard Lagors).


This one is classified as "Sensitive Natural Space" and "Natura 2000 zone". It shelters therefore many endangered species and offers to its visitors the opportunity to see a preserved natural setting. Around the five lakes, you will find numerous activities.

In fact, the Lamothe lake invites you to swim with its beaches and the nautical activities available. As for the Bousquey lake, it is a safe haven where you will enjoy a walk on an interpretive trail and an equestrian path all around the lake.


The Estate also includes many bicycle paths for all levels. An "accrobranche" park ("Climb in the trees Adventure Park") will please young and old and will give you the chance to admire the Landes de Gascogne's forest.


Domaine EcÔtelia, about 30 minutes away from the Hostens lakes, offers you to discover original sites with exceptional green settings. You will therefore be able to discover the Estate while enjoying a refreshing swim which will please the whole family.


The Beach

Domaine EcÔtelia is located only one hour from the Landes' coast, with its long sandy beaches. The Aquitaine's coastline is famous for its natural and preserved landscape, but also for the Atlantic Ocean, destination of choice for surf lovers. The Atlantic Coast offers you to discover an endless dune landscape.


In Arcachon Bay, don't miss the fishermen and merchants. It is the ideal place to taste oysters. Further south, large seaside resorts invite you to sunbathe, while refreshing in the Ocean.


You will also have the opportunity to appreciate the talent of some surfers. To finish, in the direction of Spain, towards the Basque Country, you will notice an exceptional change of scenery, with a more rocky coast. Out of the summer's crowd, you will return to the calm and quiet atmosphere of Domaine EcÔtelia, in one of our Tree Houses.


Arcachon Bay

During a stay in Aquitaine, Arcachon Bay is a must-see destination to admire the coastline. You will see many different typical landscape. The Cap Ferret Peninsula is a place where the sense of infinity and nature is particularly strong. You will have the chance to contemplate the "cabanes tchanquées" (cabins on wooden piles), true symbol of the destination.


You will find many oyster farmers, who will make you taste the famous and delicious local oysters. Arcachon Bay, it's the opportunity to discover a typical architecture, but also enjoy sunbathing on the beach. You can also swim or practice water sports. During your stay in one of our Tree Houses in Domaine EcÔtelia, take the time to visit the Aquitaine's coastline and all its treasures, for your discovery of the region to be complete.



For fishing lovers, numerous lakes of the region allow you to enjoy a beautiful day with a fishing rod. Gironde is a water territory, in particular with the Gironde and the Ciron rivers, but also into the soil. In fact, the region was an old swamp, where water was therefore plentiful.


Today, thanks to the pine trees, the territory is not a swamp anymore. Although, lakes were formed. This water bodies, or even rivers, invite you to fish for pleasure, in order to discover the different fish varieties, some of which are cooked in the local restaurants.




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